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WCRF Policy Report Presentation Video

View video from the press presentation of the new cancer prevention policy report on February 26th 2008 in London.

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Vegetarians have better sex!

Enjoy this naughty TV commercial from Peta:

Here is a new Danish TV-commercial from the retailer SPAR supporting the sexy undertones in 6 A Day. In Danish only:

Fruits & Veggies Video Center

My old friend Michael Marks AKA Your Produce Man made a huge number of 1 minute videos on selecting, storing and preparing fruits and vegetables. Enjoy.

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‘Real Food Is’ – Video Contest

Create a short video that completes the phrase ‘Real Food is’ and you can win $1,000 for your school food project. The video should inform, inspire, and/or encourage student advocacy to restore connections to community, food, land, and place through Farm to Cafeteria programs.

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Change4Life TV commercial

Enjoy this video:

And visit the UK campaign website here.

Powerful choices

American Cancer Society started a new series of video podcasts to encurrage PA and healthy eating. Find them on youtube. A new three- to five-minute episode will be available on the second Monday of each month.

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EU promote biking and more bike friendly cities

Enjoy video from Bucharest in Romania, Bolzano in Italy and Bromley near London. Ehere Eu assisted to promote the bicycle as an alternative to polluting transport and to make cyclists’ lives easier.

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Picky eaters 2: Making kids like broccoli

Enjoy this remarkable video from the BBC series: Truth About Food. Thanks to Guttorm for the tip. Find more amazing videos here:

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Picky eaters 1: Does forbidding snacks work?

Enjoy this remarkable video from the BBC series: Truth About Food. Find more amazing videos here:

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How to make your own RSS feeds

I prepared an 11 minute screencast explaining how I use, google reader, og to produce my RSS feeds. Watch my screencast now. I made the screencast using Camtasia.