UK corner shops in deprived areas are being asked by ministers to sell more fruit and vegetables.

Fridges will be given to the convenience stores to allow them to stock fresh produce and help the battle against obesity.

In return, the shops must agree to move healthy foods to more prominent spots and appoint an employee as their ‘fresh food champion’.

A pilotstudy showed that sales of fresh fruit and veg increased on average by 40 per cent, with around a third of shoppers saying they will buy more fruit and veg from their local store in future. Not bad. But it is difficult to believe this can really be roled out nationwide without strong government funding. This was not mentioned, but a new partnership with the Association for Convenience Stores, an organisation which represents more than 28,000 retailers and suppliers in England, including well known franchises such as NISA Local, SPAR and Landmark was mentioned. I wonder if all 28,000 retailers will be offered this program including new Fridges.

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