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Video: Is Your Child Overweight?

Enjoy these videos from U.S. News and World Report.

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General Mills made six new videos on Whole Grains

General Mills cites research suggesting that incorporating whole grain foods into a reduced calorie diet can result in lowering risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and heart disease. Cynthia Harriman from the Whole Grains Council and other experts stars in the new videos.

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YouTube Wellness Campaign

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Advertising Council, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and the Boys and Girls Club of American have partnered to launch a video contest that promotes healthy lifestyles among young adults.

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Enjoy this CBS 60 minutes piece on menu board labeling

In the fight against obesity, powerful health officials want to see chain restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s display calories on their menu boards. Lesley Stahl reports.

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Watch the ban processed meat in US schools-video

On youtube you can find the “Protect our kids”-video. And you can find more info and see how the campaign is relating to the USDA Child Nutrition Act on

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NBC: Whole Wheat Pizza Taste Test

Watch this video and find out if Papa John’s healthier whole-wheat crust pizza does taste as good as traditional pizza?

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Enjoy street theater and comedy from Hannover

Last week I visited the festival Kleines Fest im Grosser Garten in Hannover, Germany. Please see my 17 minut video here:

Corporate Challenge Partnerships

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is inviting companies in the food industry to Partner with MyPyramid. Both food companies and consumer electronic companies have the chance to step up to provide new opportunities for families to connect to good nutrition and activity where they work, play and where they purchase and prepare food.

View this video below for a quick introduction visit

For companies a downloadable Action Kit has been developed. On June 10 this year the U.S. Department of Agriculture will host a media event to kick start this new initiative. And in January 2009 the first annual symposia will be organized.

This also includes the possibility to use MyPyramid as front-of-pack food labeling. More info can be found here.

The Food Dudes program increase families intake

This is a 16 days follow up study from Ireland where 4-11 year old kids are shown video films, given small rewards and the availability of F&V is increased. It works!

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Obesity Video Campaign targeted Parents

Take a look at these amazing videos designed to inspire parents to prevent childhod obesity. All videos are part of the campaign and include some artificial silicone “fat”.

Belly -He proabably lost it walking on the beach
Butt – They probably lost it playing with their kids
Chin – Must have lost it snacking on fruits and vegetables
Love Handles – Lots of people loose em taking the stairs instead of the escalators
Porter – The guy who just checked out must have lost it snacking on fruits and vegetables
Second Helpings – Wait 15 minutes before having seconds
Spare Tire – They must have lost it parking further away walking to the stadium
Theater – Someone must have lost it eating smaller size popcorn
Thunder Tights – They must have lost them playing with their kids in the snow

The videos are made for free by McCann-Erickson in New York. Find all the 100 small steps here.

Please also visit the small steps campaign for kids here.